Some personal feedback

From the many examples of grateful letters and feedback I have selected the following one that was published on the Internet:

By way of recommendation my attention was drawn to Michael Schneider, the seer.
I consulted him, and I was absolutely surprised by what this seer was able
to predict for me.

Though I was rather skeptical at the beginning, I simply let time go on and watched what was happening. Much has happened in the meantime. Whatever he saw and predicted, has come true, even the most unbelievable: My daughter´s health is severely impaired; she suffers from intensive chronic pain. There was no hope of a medical therapy. Herr Schneider was convinced that my daughter´s health problems would soon disappear.
I can hardly believe it, but this is exactly what happened.

I can recommend this man unrestrictedly. In the truest sense of the word, he offers help for your life. And it did me enormously good. I can only recommend him to everyone.

Corinne Biderbost

You will find more references on the German language page.